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Tiny Little Ants

Days 40 - 44
Day 40
    According to the hero's calculations they are only a few days away from the island of the Chumunga, and luckily they haven't seen a sign of any more pirate ships. They do run into a storm though, and barely have enough time to take down the frog net/sail before it would have been blown to shreds. Here's a heart-pounding excerpt:

    The wind was stronger now, whipping against the sailor's face with the force of a gale. This, of course, made sense because by this time it was indeed a gale. He tightened his grip on the wet rope of the frog net as he fumbled with the clasp that held it up in that driving wind. A sudden flash of lightning illuminated the rain smashing into the makeshift sail as the wind threatened to tear it loose. He had to hurry--clothes were already starting to fly off it at an alarming rate. He could clearly see his favorite pair of underwear only a few feet from his face. It was coming loose. He must hurry.
    As the wind picked up again, he turned his attention back to the clasp. Thirty seconds later it opened with a pop and the net crashed heavily to the deck. Relieved, he climbed down to retrieve his pair of underwear. But it was gone.
    A hundred feet off the port side of the ship a small white object floated for a second on the tossing sea and then slowly, silently disappeared beneath the waves as an anguished cry rent the stormy night air.

Day 41
    Bad news. The war ship is following us. Fuzzbeard thinks it should catch up with us within the next few days, and ordered Steve to get our cannon ready. I don't know how well one cannon will work, though.

Day 42
    The ship is still closing on us, though not as quickly as we had thought, which is good. Steve tested the cannon by shooting himself 500 feet into the air. Luckily a small gust of wind moved the ship enough so that he missed us on the way back down. The rescue operation went smoothly, and soon he was back on board, babbling excitedly about how we all looked like tiny little ants, and how, by the way, he used to have fun smashing ants when he was a kid... At that point he got this odd look in his eyes, and the crew rushed him off to his cabin to "get some rest".

Day 43
    Timmy decided to go fishing. I was hoping he'd catch something fun like a flounder or a salmon or even a humpback whale, but a few hours later he ran to me all excited, and handed me something white and soaking wet. It was a pair of underwear.

Day 44
    Still recovering from the underwear incident. I just don't know what to make of it. But we have more important things to worry about at the moment. I can tell Captain Fuzzbeard is getting worried about the war ship--there's no way we can outrun it. It's only a matter of time before our wimpy cannon gets to take on it's 20 or more guns.