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Shipping Lane

Days 34 - 39
Day 34
    I started selling bells for the guys to strap to their ankles so they wouldn't have to worry about inadvertently surprising Timmy. I'm getting rich!

Day 35
    Had another weird dream. I was walking along a stream and eating handfuls of bright yellow daisies. From what I can remember, they were pretty good. Anyway, I'm just walking along, minding my own business when suddenly a pack of snakes attacks me. Then I woke up. When I told Timmy about it, he gave me a knowing look and said that my subconscious was just expressing its fear of Jim's spaghetti.

Day 36
    The guys are starting to get restless for some action. Luckily Fuzzbeard says that we're coming up on a major shipping lane and should be able to find something within a few days. So far nothing seems to be coming of Steve's curse. That's good, since I don't really feel like turning purple and shriveling up or anything of the sort.

Day 37
    Well, I figured I should get back to story-writing.
So anyway, now the hero (who's actual name is Fred, by the way) and his band of frog lovers are getting closer and closer to their destination when suddenly they see a ship in the distance. Afraid that it's a pirate ship, and knowing that pirates love giant frog nets (since they're worth quite a bit on the black market), the hero decides to switch to full sail and get out of there as quickly as possible. It's no use though. The other ship is gaining on them slowly. So using his quick wits, the hero ties everyone's extra clothes to the giant frog net and puts it up with the other sails. Thanks to this, the other ship slowly sinks into the horizon behind them.

Day 38
    Today our search of the shipping lane paid off-- well, it sort of paid off... well... at least we saw a ship for a bit... so we're on the right track... I think. We'll be ready for the next one we see.

Day 39
    Decided that we weren't ready for the next ship we saw. It was a war galleon. Fuzzbeard is worried that it saw us and will be coming after us, so we decided to leave the shipping lane alone for a while. Fuzzbeard said we should be getting close to our destination so we should start work on the parrot cage.