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The Curse

Days 30 - 33
Day 30
    Steve has been officially barred from touching a paint brush. With that mission accomplished, I decided it was time to investigate Timmy's concerns. So while Steve was busy with crow's nest duty, I snuck over to his bunk and checked under it. Nothing except dirty clothes. Then I noticed a square-shaped lump under the bedding on his bunk. Carefully I pulled it out. It was a small wooden chest with the sloppy words "Do Not Open" written on top. There was a padlock painted over the clasp. Slowly I opened it up and saw something that sent chills down my spine. It was a copy of Voodoo for Dummies.

Day 31
    Now the hero and his ship have been at sea for a few weeks, and everyone is starting to get anxious. The chartered crew is starting to get worried about this giant frog they keep hearing about from the weirdos on the ship. The "weirdos on the ship", a.k.a. the Giant Frog Lovers' Club are worried that they didn't bring a big enough net, and the hero is worried that they are going to attempt to make a larger one out of the ship's sails. Fortunately, they soon come upon an all-too-commercialized treasure-hunting island. (I decided to make it a bit more realistic.) They spend the day there, and luckily find enough treasure to buy some giant frog repellant for the sailors, and a giant frog net for the club.

Day 32
    While Steve was off trying to catch a shark with his bare hands while being towed behind the ship, Timmy and I went to see Captain Fuzzbeard about the book. Without delay, he sent two of the guys to get it and throw it over the side. The last thing we need here is a witch doctor--let alone a crazy one who would just as soon eat a piece of eight as horde it.

Day 33
    This morning I found a small scroll on my bunk. It read,

To those who with my power mess
Strange things will start to come.
A curse will now upon you rest
Because you are a bum!

I sure hope he didn't learn too much from that book before we got rid of it.
When Timmy found out about the curse, he started carrying his gun around with him, loaded and cocked, everywhere he went. He's very jittery, and a seagull already paid with its life for walking up behind him at the wrong moment.