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The Trouble
with Smilies

Days 27 - 29
Day 27
    Well, when we got to the island, we sailed into a small cove and were surprised by seven other ships already anchored there. Steve immediately grabbed a cutlass and prepared to attack, but was stopped by a large sign that read "ABSOLUTELY NO ATTACKING OTHER CUSTOMERS." Anyway, we anchored and trekked up to a small building on the beach where Captain Fuzzbeard signed us in with the receptionist. She gave us a pack of shovels and assigned us to grid section F4. So that's where we spent the day digging and only found a few old rum bottles and a dead beetle. The guys were pretty frustrated by nightfall, so on the way back to the ship Fuzzbeard bought us all snacks at the refreshment booth.

Day 28
    Woke up with a smiley face painted on my bunk. At lunch Timmy mentioned that Steve had something that we--especially the Captain--should know about. He wouldn't say anything more than that though, probably for fear of Steve.

Day 29
    Woke up with a smiley face painted on my forehead. Of course I didn't realize this until everyone on deck started laughing hysterically. I went to see Captain Fuzzbeard about Steve's misuse of his "Smiley Face Painter" title, but he just chuckled and told me to get over it. Of course he changed his mind rather quickly when I pointed out the smiley face painted on his own forehead.