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Days 23 - 26
Day 23
    Had a weird dream. There were these monkeys and they were eating avocadoes, but then this hawk came, so they took off their swimsuits and started throwing dead rats at each other. The hawk wanted one, so it smacked one of the monkeys on the head with a tuna fish. That got both of them mad, so they turned yellow and blew up.
    I'm not quite sure what to make of it. Steve says it probably has something to do with the time my mother dunked me in rancid dish soap and made me dance around the house in a tutu. I'm fairly certain that's not it.

Day 24
    Steve talked one of the guys into helping him paint yellow smiley faces all over the deck. Much to my surprise, Fuzzbeard really liked it and appointed Steve the Official Yellow Smiley Face Painter.

Day 25
    Since nobody in his crew knows anything about sailing, the hero has to charter a ship to take them to the island of the Chumunga. According to his calculations, the island is somewhere off the coast of South America.

Day 26
    Woke up today with a smiley face painted on the wall next to my bunk. Saw a small island on the horizon. Fuzzbeard decided it would be a great place to look for buried treasure, and said we should arrive early tomorrow morning. The guys are all pretty excited about their first treasure dig, and have spent the evening preparing for the trip. This includes things like gathering large coils of rope for those creepy cave expeditions, guns and ammo for a possible confrontation with angry head-hunting cannibals, and as many anti-ancient-voodoo-curse pendants as they can get their hands on.