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Dead Sheep
Tell No Tales

Days 16 - 22
Day 16
    Now the hero goes to the tavern to recruit some sailors, but they just throw dead fish at him. Well, he doesn't put up with it this time and throws the bartender right back at those scoundrels.

Day 17
    Jim tried to make spaghetti. It turned out so tough that nobody could bite through it. Steve grabbed a big handful and stuffed it in his pocket though. He's a bit strange, that man.

Day 18
    This morning we found Timmy all tied up with spaghetti noodles and all his barnacles stolen. Steve decided to be a good sport and head up the investigation.

Day 19
    Steve, after much research, announced that the spaghetti incident was a failed suicide attempt on Timmy's part. Timmy refuses to discuss it. Fuzzbeard just decided to ban Jim from making any more spaghetti.

Day 20
    The hero gets lucky and stumbles into a meeting of the Giant Frog Lovers' Club. All ninety-six of them sign on for the trip.

Day 21
    Spent the day fishing. Didn't catch too much. Between all of us though, we got enough for Jim to make his fish-eye soup. I don't know who's going to eat it though.

Day 22
    No one ate dinner last night, so we decided to get take-out for lunch. Steve and a few others rowed to shore and picked up some sheep. They were so gleeful at the success of their first unsupervised raid that they made a few of the sheep walk the plank before Captain Fuzzbeard intervened.