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For the Sake
of a Parrot

Days 10 - 15
Day 10
    The war ship is still following us, but is pretty far behind. Timmy plucked the chicken himself and gave it to Jim to cook for him. No one cared that he got it all to himself, since we were all partying that night, making splendid use of the rum we found onboard the ship we looted. Anyway, about ten o'clock the fog came up, but nobody cared about that either--especially Tom, who was so drunk he couldn't see straight anyway. As it turned out, that was a good thing for us since he started steering the ship in circles. Because of the fog, I guess, the war ship couldn't see where we were and so we ended up circling around them and side-swiping their rudder--damaging it just enough that they would have no chance of catching us now.
I'll never underestimate the power of rum again.

Day 11
    We had a celebration in honor of Tom's heroic deed last night. Of course Tom was still out cold from his drinking exploits, but the guys didn't let that stop them. We had a great time.

Day 12
    To the hero's surprise, he finds out that the stack of papers from the banker turn out to be gift certificates to the local jewelers. So he goes there and buys a whole sack of jewels which he sells to a merchant for quite a bit of money.
Lost a barnacle to Timmy at marbles.

Day 13
    Fuzzbeard told us his true intentions for this voyage. We're going to head down to South America and get him a parrot since he thinks the merchants charge too much. "After all," he said, "What's a pirate without his trusty parrot?" Timmy responded by mentioning that none of them had any peg legs or hooks to match the pirate/parrot motif, but shut himself up quickly when Steve suddenly looked like he had a bright idea and began fingering his cutlass.

Day 14
    Very boring day. Steve started carving darts out of potatoes. They don't stick in the wall very well though...

Day 15
    Decided to write a song. Pirates need some sort of Pirate-y ditty thing.

Yo ho! Yo ho! A pirate's life for me!
We drink some rum
And have some fun
And hide from Timmy when he's got a gun
And plunder and pillage when we find a village
And go get a parrot for Free!
Ohhhhhh, a pirate's life for meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Good, isn't it?