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Days 5 - 9
Day 5
    So much for mutiny. Everyone's forgotten about the barnacle incident anyway. On another note, I've always wanted to try my hand at writing, and this voyage should give me a good chance. Plus, I've got a great idea for a story. I'll call it "Island of the Chumunga." It's about a savage tribe of warriors who worship a giant purple frog. Saw a frigate today. Fuzzbeard says we're not ready to take on something like that. Go for merchant vessels, that's our plan.

Day 6
    We're having a rat problem. They come out at night and chew on our shoes--usually when our feet are still in them. Timmy volunteered to shoot them when they begin their prowl tonight, but the smarter ones among us decided against it. We'll just have to put up with them until we can think of something better than getting our feet blown off while we sleep.

Day 7
    Imagine our surprise when the rats didn't show themselves last night. Our first thought was that Timmy had gotten to them after all, but since everything seemed to be intact, we ruled that out. Oh well, as long as they're gone I don't care what happened to them. Oh, I've got to go now. Jim just rang the dinner bell and said he's got something special for us.

Day 8
    "Island of the Chumunga" is coming along nicely. I've finished chapter 1, where the hero finds an ancient drawing of a giant frog and decides to sail to the island where it lives. His friend thinks he's crazy for believing in that myth and hits him with a soup ladle. Captain Fuzzbeard said we are going to have our first fight today or tomorrow. Timmy should have fun.

Day 9
    Today we sailed into a port and raided one of the ships anchored there. We got away with quite a bit of loot and Timmy shot a chicken. That kid's getting better every day! The only problem is that they've sent a war ship after us. I'm not worried though, they're no match for us. Especially the way Tom drives. I also worked on "Island of the Chumunga" some more. Now the hero is trying to get funding for his trip to search for the island of the Chumunga. He goes to the local bank, but they just think he's crazy and throw stacks of paper at him.