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Flash Games
Bunny Hunter
   Use your wits (and your howitzer) to bag more bunnies than your opponent. Rabbit season is open.

Players: 2
Duckman: The Game
   This one was for a friend, so it may make absolutely no sense to you. Then again, who says it has to make sense?
   See if you can beat back all ten waves of randomness—from deadly french fries, to evil boxing gloves, to exploding turkeys!

Players: 1
   Prepare to put on the best fireworks show ever.
(And remember... only YOU can prevent forest fires.)

(smaller version)

Players: 1
Guy II
   Ever wanted to be a disembodied smiley face out to eat as many flies as possible? I thought so.

Players: 1
HoverDuel 3
   Take control of one of the most destructive and agile fighting machines since the boiled yam! You and a friend can battle for the title of Hovercraft Champioin using five distinct weapons through six locations. (Including the low gravity of the moon.)

Players: 2
Stickman Steve
   Do you have what it takes to beat back the endless hordes of scribblebeasts?

Players: 1
Stickman Steve II
   Fling ink, jump, duck, roll, punch, and kick your way to victory as you take on an army of scribblebeasts, doodlebirds, and squiggleworms.

(large version)

Players: 1
Turtle Wars
   It's turn-based strategy warfare as you've never seen it before! Arm your squad of cute little turtles with a veriety of weapons and abilities. Hide behind rocks. Blow up bushes. Teleport into or out of the thick of battle. And while you're at it, annihilate the opposition.

Players: 2-4